M.D.C. Srl

Founded in 1976, our company has specialized in the production of moulds for plastic materials:

  • blow moulding
  • injection moulding
  • injection blow moulding

We supply companies that mould pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery and othertechnical products.

With its numerous successes and innovations, the company has evolved over the years thanks to the use of cutting-edge design and production technologies that have allowed us to supply ever more complex moulds.

In 2002, the company certified its Quality Management System.

Design Construction Maintenance Molds for plastic materials

Our Founder

Enrico Fumagalli

We want the memory of the company’s founding member, Enrico Fumagalli, who sadly passed away on 30th December, 2017, to endure in our values and vision.

His legacy and his determination will continue to be the driving force of the MDC project, built on hard work and passion.